Farm Life and Its Community

"The Country Agent" by Norman Rockwell

Do you know that only four percent of the American population are farmers. That means out of the 266, 989,119 people living in the United States only 10,679,564.76 people farm! Farming is not just a business but it is a lifestyle. The farmer's type of farm specifically determines his or her lifestyle. All farmers, however, share similar lifestyles in that they have a strong intimate connection to their land or their animals. This unique lifestyle creates small, strong, thriving close-knit communities because farmers understand each other's lifestyle and share many similar values concerning their work ethic.

A farmer depends on his/her community as a resource of knowledge, support, and helping hands. Before advanced technology developed powerful combines for the harvest seasons, every farmer knew what his neighbors kitchen looked like because around twenty years ago everybody in the farming community would help each other harvest his or her crops. It was a community affair. During rest periods, farmers would come into the homestead to warm up or get something to eat. Unfortunately, this sense of close-knit community has lessened over the past twenty years due to technology and rapid urbanization. However, compared to large urban cities, there is a much stronger sense of community in farming societies. Farmers depend on their neighbors' "friendly" advice.

A farming community provides the stable backbone that farmers need. Farmers share a common set of strong values which they instill into their communities. How much do you know about the culture of farming? In this section, you will be introduced to the culture of farming in Knox County. While you are going over this section, keep in mind your community and compare and contrast the two communities. Are they similar or different?

It is time to venture through the farming community! Pack your bags and open your will see amazing things! Click on one of the buttons on the bottom to start your farming adventure!!

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