Come Visit Our Farm!

On your visit to the Stewart Farm you will be guided by Hannah as she completes her daily round of chores. The chores Hannah completes help the farm run smoothly. Hannah's chores consist of feeding and watering the animals, such as the cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, and donkey.

The first thing she does is brings the dairy cows in from the grazing pastures to be fed and then milked by Hannah's mother. Hannah often watches her mother milk the dairy cows. Afterwards, Hannah grabs bundles of hay, climbs over metal gates, and carefully makes her way across to the donkey pen in the far corner of the barn and then to the penned sheep. She repeats this tightrope walking act until all the animals are happily fed. After she has finished her chores, she does her school work.

Farming is the most dangerous job in America. Learn about hazardous farm situations and how to avoid them by visiting with Doctor Danger! In Dr. Danger, read the section on PTO safety, take the quiz, look at the picture book, and then return "immediately " to Farm School by clicking on the tool bar.

Morning chores
Photo by Annick Shen

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