A Farmer's Many Hats


Business Person:


Weather Person:

  My name is Mr. Stewart.  

forest ranger:


Policitical Activist:


There are many different types of farms but there are also many diffrent jobs one farmer must be able to do. Many people do not realize the wide range of skills a farmer needs to use on an everyday basis.

Farmers need to have to have a wide range of knowledge. They must be educated in all the different subjects that you study in school, such as math, science, history, and computer science. Farmers must be analytical as well as practical to be successful in their jobs. In the picture above you can see the many different hats a farmer wears to do his or her job well.

In this exercise, find a descriptive word that describes what a farmer might do while wearing each hat. Then write a short sentence using the word in the sentence.

You have learned that farmers have many different types of roles to perform. However, all farmers are different. No one farmer looks or acts just as another.

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