Community and Neighbors

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A farming community is a close knit group of people. People are willing to lend their neighbors or fellow farmers a helping hand whenever they can. Business between two farmers is most commonly known as "doing a favor" for someone else. Farmers need each other's support, as a result, their communities are very close. Everybody knows each other.

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"A good neighbor...someone who is is friendly and they share. They share with you, both the good and the bad. That's about the only way I can think to describe it. If you can't pay that neighbor back- pass it on and help another neighbor."
Gary Bebout

Scenario: Tommy Renyolds is a sheep farmer with a couple of acres for grain farming. He also works part time at Cooper Unions, a factory. He works at Cooper Unions so he can keep his land and continue farming. Here is a list of things he has to do for the next ten days. How is he going to organize himself and get everything done? That is your mission!

  • Feed and water the sheep.
  • Seperate those sheep who need more feed,
    and those ready for market.
  • Shearing
  • Medical vaccinations
  • Work at Cooper Unions (8-4PM)
  • Grain
  • Balance bills
  • Check for any sick sheep
  • Place some sheep outside for grazing
  • Haul sheep to Producer's Livestock (animal auction house)
  • Check the corn/grain if ready to be harvested
  • Fix farm combine- (oil, gas, tire pressure)

  • Sheep Shearer
  • Younger Child
  • Hauler-Trucker
  • Grain Disperser
  • Banker
  • Veterinarian

What kind of personality traits Tommy might want in a good worker?

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