Family Farming Themes

These themes were identified by students in the Family Farm Project on the basis of interviews with farm families and community members, as well as from various readings on family farming, November 1994.

Farm Diversity:

defining the family farm, diversity of types (size, technology use, farm workers, management type, crops, ethnicity)

Family Dynamics:

growing up on the farm, farm education (ag. schools, FFA, 4-H, church), folklore and traditions, gender roles, working off the farm, generational conflicts, farm inheritance

Farm Economy:

farmers exchange and cooperatives, farm markets, commodity markets, banks, farm credit bureau, auctions, realtors, machinery/technology

Farm Politics:

farm bureau, government policy (price supports, regulation, taxes)

Farm Ecology:

stewardship, aesthetics, farming techniques, land use, weather, farm safety

Community Dynamics:

grange, farm bureau, fraternal and sorority organizations, how farmers build community, image of farmers

Farm Values:

independence, helping, pride of place, sense of creation, self-image

Farm History:

changes in technology use, farm size, crops, number of farms, age of farmers, views of historical changes, future of farming

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