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I wanted to do this project in order to make information about the roles of frontier women more readily available. Living in central Ohio, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to find out even more about my area, and to find more primary documents, which I consider essential to understanding a woman’s estimation of herself and where she fits into her society.

I began with letters with which I had already worked. I then looked through books related to Ohio history, and inquired of historical societies and archives for primary materials concerning nineteenth century Ohio women. I also gathered materials on women of the nineteenth century in general, and of American women of the time.

For some primary materials, I was able to copy text directly from a book. In these cases, I have maintained the editors’ exact transcriptions. In other cases, I transcribed the materials myself. If a word was illegible, I transcribed as many letters as possible and put brackets around information about which I was either uncertain or did not know. I also maintained the incorrect spellings of the author, incorrect punctuation, capitalization, and lack thereof. In the cases of obvious slips of the pen, I inserted the missing letter(s) in brackets.

For presentation, I chose to produce a website. I began with general statements about nineteenth century women, general conditions of nineteenth century Ohio, and finally, more specific statements about the women of the Ohio frontier. I selected letters and articles of a few women to exemplify my research findings, and included biographies when I was able.



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