Case Studies in Quantitative Reasoning (Math 102)
Brad Hartlaub
Spring 2003

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Statistics Clinic

Reading Assignment
January 14
Overview and activities to get started
Innumeracy Chapter 1
SCC Chapters 1&2
How polls are conducted
January 16
Producing Data and Counting
Innumeracy Chapter 2
SCC Chapters 3, 4, 10, 11, & 12
January 21
Graphical Displays and Descriptive Statistics
Innumeracy Chapter 3
SCC Chapters 5 & 6
Asthma Attacks More Common on Foggy Nights
January 23
Graphical and Numerical Summaries with Minitab and Design of Experiments
Innumeracy Chapter 4
SCC Chapters 7, 8, & 9
ThinkFive Project
The Unkindest Cut
Placebos Prove So Powerful Even Experts Are Surprised
January 28
Design and Data
Innumeracy Chapter 5
January 30
Conditional Probability, Simpson's Paradox, and Bayes' Rule
SCC Chapter 13
February 4
Normal Distributions and Statistical Controversies
A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper Section 1
February 6
Prepare for Quiz 1
February  11
Quiz 1  (Word document)
SCC Chapters 14 & 15
Bring two hardcopies of an article dealing with correlation and/or regression to class on Thursday
February 13
Association, Causation, and Regression
SCC Chapter 16
February 18
Regression Models and Causation
SCC Chapter 20
The Regression Effect
The Regression Effect in Hockey
February 20
Regression Effect and Government Statistics
Skim SCC Chapters 17-19
Census Sampling Confusion
With statistical sampling off-limits, the Census Bureau turns to 'imputing'
February 25
Problem Session, Class Discussion, and Class Debate
Prepare for Quiz 2
February 27
Quiz 2  (Word document)

March 18
Inferences for A Population Proportion
SCC Chapters 20 and 21
Postmenopausal Hormones - Therapy for Symptoms Only

Effects of Estrogen plus Progestin on Health-Related Quality of Life

March 20
Hypothesis Testing for a Population Proportion
SCC Chapters 22 and 23
Bad Medicine: Why data from drug companies may be hard to swallow
March 25
Hypothesis Testing for a Population Mean
SCC Chapter 25
The Canadians Should Have Won!?
March 27
Deciding Who is Number One
SCC Chapter 24
April 1
Two-Way Tables and Testing for Association with Categorical Variables
Fairness or favoritism?
April 3
Inferences based on the chi-square test statistic
Student Presentation - Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli

April 8
Problem Session and Review
Prepare for Quiz 3
April 10
Quiz 3
Prepare for Presentations
April 15
Student Presentations
   Cyrstal Chinn
   Claire McGinnis
   Beth Kozlowski - Table
   Meg Seitz

April 17
Student Presentations
  Courtney Snow
  Tyler Bullen - Page 2
  Rebecca Frank
  Elizabeth Gutting
  Kristen Orlando
  Samantha duPont

April 22
Preparing Posters with Power Point - Final Project

April 24
Student Presentations
  Britta Dulac
  Andrea Daly
  Dabney West
  Catherine Welch
  Greson Torchio
  Eric Raicovich - Power Point Presenation

April 29
Student Presentations
  Anna Curtis
  Josh Venter
  Elliot Grossman
  Natalie Stack
Quiz 4
Preparation for final project
May 1
Final Project
Course and Instructor Evaluations
Individual conversations about overall percentages

May 7
Poster Session

ThinkFive Project

Homework and Project Assignments

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