Going into the Field!

Now it's your turn! Let's go into the field and meet your community. One of the best ways to learn any subject is to experience it yourself. You are going to interview someone in your community about farming.There are certain rules you should follow for your interview.

Questions to ask:


  • Who are you interviewing?

People who deal with farming or farmers (i.e. nurses, realtors, auctioneers)

  • What is the subject of your interview?

Create a list of questions
In what order should you ask the questions?

  • How do you make contact?

Ask your parents, or teachers for advice on contacting someone to interview

  • How do you introduce yourself and your project?

State your name
What you are doing (explain your project)
Explain why you would like to interview them.

    Things YOU need to be Aware of when interviewing!

Pick a quiet place
Make sure that your interviewee is comfortable
Meet at a place where they can show you something about their trade.


Let's write up the interview!
Let's listen to an interviewee.Microphone

Now let's see what a Farm School creator learned during a fieldwork interview!

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