The Minor in Religious Studies

The Religious Studies minor is designed to expose students in a systematic way to the study of religion while simultaneously giving them some degree of more advanced knowledge in at least one of the major religious traditions of the world. A total of 3 units is required for the minor in Religious Studies. The following are the requirements for the minor:

  • RELN 101, 102, or 103 (1/2 unit)
  • Foundation courses in at least two traditions/areas (see list below; 1 unit)
  • An additional course in at least one of the above traditions (1/2 unit)
  • Two elective courses
  • At least one of the above courses must be a seminar

Foundation Courses (by tradition/area):

Judaism: The Judaic Tradition (210), Modern Judaism (211)
Christianity:   Faith of Christians (220), The New Testament (225)
Americas: Religion in America (230)
Islam: Classical Islam (240)
South Asia: South Asian Religions (250)
Buddhism: Buddhist Thought and Practice (260)
East Asia: Chinese Religions (270), Japanese Religions (275)

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