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The Minor in Religious Studies


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Please keep this list and fill it in as you make progress. You may print another copy from the department website, under The Minor.

NOTE: Since minors are not assigned advisors in the department, you are responsible for fulfilling the requirements below. The department will not receive any official notification of the courses you have taken until late in the second semester of your senior year, far too late to correct any omissions. If you want to count any other course toward the minor - for example a course you may have taken abroad or elsewhere during the summer - you must submit a petition to the department, including a syllabus of the course you want to substitute. No more than one such course substitution may be made.

Requirements for the Minor:

The Religious Studies minor is designed to expose students in a systematic way to the study of religion, while simultaneously giving them some degree of more advanced knowledge in at least one of the major religious traditions of the world. A total of 3 units is required for the minor in Religious Studies. The following are the requirements:

Foundation Courses (by tradition/area):

Judaism: The Judaic Tradition (210), Modern Judaism (211)
Christianity:   Faith of Christians (220), The New Testament (225)
Americas: Religion in America (230)
Islam: Classical Islam (240)
South Asia: South Asian Religions (250)
Buddhism: Buddhist Thought and Practice (260)
East Asia: Chinese Religions (270), Japanese Religions (275)

* * * * * * *

Intro (101, 102, 103): ________      (Professor: ___________________ / Year: ______ )

Foundation 1:    _______________________________

Other courses in this tradition:    _______________________________


Foundation 2:    _______________________________

Other courses in this tradition:    _______________________________


Other courses: _______________________________



Seminar (one of the above):    _______________________________


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