Development of Community

old auction, OhioWhat is Community in Knox County?

Community has long played an important role in Knox County farming. Neighboring farmers may help each other by lending person-power, machinery or helpful hints.

Auctions, like the one pictured to the left have been an occasion trading and social gathering for many years.

Community Organizations

There are a number of community organizations in Knox County through which farmers and farm families meet to share their ideas, concerns and the rewards of being farmers.

Organizations and events like 4-H, FFA, the Grange, the Farm Bureau, Ohio State University Extension, the Heart of Ohio Tour, the Knox County Fair and the all help to continue a long tradition of farming in Ohio and especially Knox County.

Photo by Ben Shahn

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1846 The first agricultural Club is founded in Knox County
1867 The Grange is founded
1902 4-H is founded
1920 Knox County Farm Bureau is founded
Show Your Stuff!

Community, county and state fairs are another traditional means of agricultural display and sharing.

With the support of organizations like 4-H and FFA, many young individuals are given the opportunity to develop their own agriculture-related projects and have them viewed publicly at these yearly events. For example, the two girls in the picture at the right are showing their sheep at the 1994 Knox County Fair, as are the girls in the picture below.

The Knox County Fair is usually held in July, and serves as a showplace for agricultural and non-agricultural business alike.

Knox Co Fair, 1994
Photo by Howard Sacks

Knox County Fair, 1994b
Photo by Howard Sacks

As you explore the 4-H, FFA, Knox County Fair and other links, and learn more about community in Knox County and central Ohio, consider your own involvement in your community!

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