Development of Community: Farm Bureau

The American Farm Bureau Federation was started in Chicago on November 12, 1919 by farmers that had gathered from 30 different states.
1920 Knox County Farm Bureau is founded
Today there are over 4 million members of the National Farm Bureau, and there are Farm Bureaus in each of the fifty states. 180, 882 of those members live and work in Ohio. The 87 Ohio Farm Bureau chapters represent all 88 counties in Ohio.

The Farm Bureau is the largest farm organization in the nation. It works to represent rural people and their concerns at the local, county, state and national levels. In many ways it is the "Voice of Agriculture"; the voice of the rural farmer. The Farm Bureau is a widely voluntary organization that offers opportunities for the entire family such as educational workshops, social outings and community forums.

In addition to interacting with rural farmers and their families, the Farm Bureau also serves its members by organizing and taking political action in the name of the families and farmers it represents. The Farm Bureau uses its many member collective voice to support legislation that will help the rural farmer. This year the Farm Bureau acted on issues such as conservation projects and taxation and enviromental issues.

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