A New Way Of Thinking About Development

Not all farmers feel the same about zoning. Here is another opinion:
"Some of the new thinking in zoning has less to do with the actual size of the minimum plot, like whether its one acre or two acres or five acres. But a new way to think about it is that the size is not as important as the positioning of the houses in that area. The big problem is getting people to think in ways that they haven't thought before. At least in Knox County, the people who are in charge base their ideas of how to preserve farmland on this business about how big you make the individual lots, you know, and its a quantum leap to start thinking about managing the rural landscape around a larger vision instead of just sub-division by sub-division and house lot by house lot."
Jeff Morss, Clinton
This larger vision is created in a community-wide plan for land development. To further complicate these issues, some farmers do not want zoning laws at all. They are in favor of the use of land without government restrictions.

Construction cone Development Detail:
As of April 1997, four of the twenty-two townships in Knox County did not have rural zoning laws.
Source: Knox County Regional Planning Commission Office
Knox County Farm
Aerial view of a Knox County farm
Photo by Gregory Spaid

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