Development As A Threat To Farming

Land Developent
Land development
Photo by Mike Shelton
"You cannot stop development, that's the first thing that you have to understand. You're not going to do anything that's going stop it. I mean, in central Ohio, in my opinion, the family farm's done. The way I look at it, I'm the last generation. I come from about six generations that have farmed the same place. And, I'm at the point, I'm no longer competitive in the land market, so I can't buy any of the land around me. Every big tract of land in Harrison Township in the last, at least, fourteen months or year and a half was either sold to a developer or a real estate agent who has come in and told the owner, 'O.K., I can guarantee you $3000 an acre if you lot it off.' "

Roger Fawcett, Harrison

Construction cone Development Detail:
The state of Ohio is losing 400 acres of farmland a day to development.
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