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Now the milk is ready to be packaged for delivery to the stores where they will be sold. The milk travels through pipes to the automatic packaging machines that will fill and seal the milk into paper cartons or plastic jugs. As the containers move through the assembly line, a date is printed on each of them to show how long the milk will stay fresh. Compared to other foods such as cereals which can stay good for months, milk is sold to a more local market due to its limited freshness and costs of shipping to other areas. After packaging, the milk is finally ready for the customers, and it is stored in a big, refrigerated room until it is delivered to the stores to be sold.

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  • Before dairy plants started using glass bottles to store milk in 1884, they filled milk in jars, pails, and cans.
  • The first paper milk carton was used in 1906.
  • Plastic milk jugs were first used in 1964.

Assignment: Trace where the milk sold in your local grocery store comes from.
  • You may begin by asking a person in the dairy department of your local grocery store the name of dairy plant from which they get their milk. Remember that the plants also get their milk from somewhere else.
  • How close is this to where you live in miles and in kilometers?

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