The Pealer farm

Rural Delivery

The culmination of our first year's effort is a thirteen-part audio series and interpretive booklet, Rural Delivery: Family Farming in Knox County, Ohio. Each five-minute program features visits to a different farm family who shares their experiences of farm life. Taken together, the series explores a variety of issues including farm economy, religion, women's roles, folklore, technology, ecology, farm organizations, and agricultural values. Radio stations throughout the region have broadcast Rural Delivery, which has received several state and national awards for its presentation of farming and local history. Copies of Rural Delivery are available for purchase as a boxed set or for radio broadcast.

Rural Delivery was made possible through the support of Kenyon College, the Mount Vernon Community Trust, First-Knox National Bank, the Knox County Farm Bureau, and grants from the Ohio Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

photo credit: Gregory Spaid

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