Rural Delivery Program List

Introduction: the current crisis in agriculture and its importance to all Americans 5:55
The Cassells: the problems and joys of maintaining an Ohio Century Farm 3:51
The Norrises: the changing connection to the land and its value within one family 4:55
The White Oak Inn: two thousand years of agriculture and new uses for a family farm 5:53
The Pealers: the beauty in farming that ties people to the land 5:26
The Halls: early farm technology and the daily farm routine 5:18
Margaret Clemens and Jane Laymon: the changing roles of women on the farm 5:47
The Bebouts: the decline of full-time farming and its impact on community life 5:26
The Hathaways: current trends in the business of agriculture 5:34
The Sprays: organic farming and the difficulties facing today's farmer 5:34
The Staatses: the significance of religion in farm life 4:57
The Grassbaughs: modern technology and the changing face of agriculture 5:33
The Browns: stewardship of the land and food for the nation 6:00

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