Goals and Approach

This "Coastal Commons" web site seeks to focus scholarly discussions from major disciplines on the topic of sustainable management of living resources in the coastal marine environment. We want this site to be interdisciplinary - to create a virtual space where the learned voices of many fields can be heard as they define and address complex, interwoven issues. The Internet offers many collaborative opportunities - we hope that new insights (and perhaps publications?) may be created by the conversations held "at" this web site.

By discussing aspects of these fisheries from a variety of perspectives, we hope to increase awareness and encourage discussion among all concerned, including fishers, regulators, processors, retailers, consumers as well as researchers in the disciplines - biologists, economists, political scientists, sociologists, and historians. It is our hope that discussions about the conflicts which arise in managing fisheries will advance our understanding of human needs and their impacts on the environment. We have based our approach on three case studies in the United States - the blue crab fishery of the Chesapeake Bay, the Alaskan salmon fishery, and the groundfisheries of New England.

We've tried to make this an interactive web site that grows in breadth and depth through your participation. We welcome your comments and suggestions!

Who we are - the creators of this web site

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