Who "we" are....

"We" in the foregoing are the members of the undergraduate course in environmental studies titled "Use and Abuse of Marine Resources: fisheries and aquaculture" at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, USA. We are making no pretense about our experience or even knowledge about the fields with which we are engaged in this project. We aspire to think and learn, and perhaps contribute.

More specifically, we are:

  • Darrick Bollinger, first-year student
  • Kristina Bolster, junior biology/anthropology major
  • David Danish, junior economics major
  • Emily Donovan, senior math major
  • Peter Fromen, senior history major
  • Isaac Gowin, senior biology major
  • Katie Hosey, senior history major
  • Cheryl Howell, senior biology major
  • Genessa Keith, junior
  • Peter Lawrence, senior English major
  • Matthew Miller, senior biology major
  • Ed O'Malley, senior biology major
  • Kerry Sheldon, senior biology major
  • Ken Sliwa, senior economics major
  • Emily Sprowls, senior biology major
  • Andy Von Kennel, junior economics major
  • Rich Woodbridge, sophomore

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