Bonneville Dam

US Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District, Columbia River Projects

Perspectives from the Disciplines


Water Quality
Salmon on the Columbia River
Terrestrial Species Diversity on the Columbia River


Creation of Bonneville Dam Project and Bonneville Power Administration
Policy Pertaining to Native Americans
Government Policies Involving Bonneville Dam


The Economic History of the Bonneville Dam
The Economic Costs and Benefits of the Bonneville Dam
Negative Externalities


Treaties: Preserving Native American Culture and Alleviating the Effects of the Bonneville Dam
The Impact of the Bonneville Dam on Native American Culture
North Bonneville: A Transported Town
The Future of the Bonneville: A Socio-Cultural Perspective


Native American Rights to Salmon

Personal Losses Due to the Construction of the Bonneville Dam

Working Conditions on the Bonneville

The Bonneville as a Source of Limitless Power and Expansion

The Bonneville Dam as a Symbol of Hope

"Stewards and Leapers" - an essay on salmon

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