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  Aspects et Images des Femmes Francophones
French 92, Professor Anna Roberts
Blood, Gender and Power in Christianity and Judaism
Religion 91and 491, Professor Mary Suydam
  Blood, Power, and Gender in Western Cultures
Women's Studies 36, Professor Mary Suydam
Can the Earth Afford to Feed You?
Environmental Studies 61, Professor Scott Siddall
  Family Farm Project
Sociology 67-68, Professor Howard Sacks
Family Farm Project Farm School
Sociology 67-68, Professor Howard Sacks
  Fly Away: The Great Migration -
The Movement of African Americans from the Mississippi Delta to Chicago.

History 71.03, Professors Will Scott and Peter Rutkoff
Homophobia in Our Schools: Growing
Through Education
Women's Studies 21, Professor Laurie Finke
  Introduction to Japanese Culture
Japanese 28, Professor Hideo Tomita
Japanese Class Projects
JPN111, JPN213, JPN321
Professor Hideo Tomita
  The Kenyon Women's Oral History

Women's Studies 81, Professors Laurie Finke and Mary Suydam
Language Learning and Technology
MLL 351, Professor Hideo Tomita
  Large Dams in the Western U.S.
Environmental Studies 61, Professor Scott Siddall
Living Together: An Exploration of Rural Diversity in Knox County, Ohio.
Sociology 67, Professor Howard Sacks
  Marginality and Community in Medieval Europe
History 84, Professor Mary Suydam
North By South: Charleston to Harlem,
The Great Migrations

History 71.03, Professors Will Scott and Peter Rutkoff
  Studio 81B Virtual Gallery
Art 81B, Professor Martin Garhart
Teaching and Learning Chinese
Professor Jianhua Bai
  Travel and Writing - The Kenyon/Exeter Program 2000-2001
The Kenyon/Exeter Program, Kim McMullen Director

  Mbira: Constraint and Mobility in Shona Society A Philosophical Overview of Permaculture
  The Public Monument in North America:
Memory and Memorials
  The Rise of Pop Art The Road to Uniformity: A Study of the Relationship between Beat Poetry & The Interstate Highway System
  Robert Penn Warren The Sixties, Chicago, and the AACM
  Zora Neale Hurston

  Gallery of Virtual Sculpture and Photography Learning About Assessment: A Case Study of a Multimedia Language Program

Edited: 10-15-2003