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Collegian Article on the Pealers
An article from the September 20, 2001 issue of the Kenyon Collegian, written by Rachel Armstrong. Thanks, Rachel (she's a super Pealer, by the way)! Check out the great black and white photo of several of the current Pealers.

The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America (GCNA)
Among other things, the GCNA is producing a database of carillons (and chimes!) in North America. We're actually in their database, as you can see here. Our entry has recently been updated and contains technical information on the bells, if you're interested in that sort of thing. The GCNA is also a good source of information about chimes and carillons in general.

The Bells of St. James
St. James' Anglican Church in Stratford, Ontario has a set of bells about the size of ours. This author of this site was also kind enough to link to us (without even being asked)! Please help me to return the favor by visiting his site. :)

A new site, already a valuable source of information on chimes—that's right, chimes (like ours), not carillons. Wow! I look forward to watching this site grow.
Although immensely entertaining, has absolutely nothing to do with bells or bell-ringing. They did, however, feature the not available page as their Sticky Site of the Moment a while back (I don't know why), so I thought I'd give them a return link.

Note: This page is still very much in progress. You are welcome to suggest a link related to bells, chimes, or bell-ringing if you know a good one!

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