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Areas of specialization:

Asia, Africa, Europe, U.S., women

ABLOVATSKI, Eliza (PhD, doctoral candidate Columbia 2004; instructor) Germany, Eastern European

BOWMAN, Jeffrey (PhD, Yale 1997; asst. prof.) Medieval Studies

BROWNING, Reed (PhD, Yale 1965; prof.) Britain, early modern Europe, colonial America

DUNNELL, Ruth (PhD, Princeton 1983; assoc. prof.) China, Inner Asia, Japan


KINZER, Bruce, Chair (PhD, Toronto 1975; prof.) Modern Britain, British Empire, Ireland

LANE, Frank


MAGUIRE, Matthew (PhD, Harvard 1999; asst. prof.) European Intellectual History, European, Enlightenment

McNAIR, Glenn (PhD, Emory 2001; asst. prof.) African American, Slave Trade, American

RUTKOFF, Peter (PhD, Pennsylvania 1971; prof.) Modern America, American Studies

SCHOENHALS, Kai (PhD, Rochester 1964; prof.) Caribbean, Middle East, East Europe

SCOTT, William (PhD, Wisconsin, Madison 1973; prof.) American cultural and intellectual, South

SINGER, Wendy (PhD, Virginia 1991; assoc. prof.) India, women, comparative Asia

STORY, Emily

VOLZ, Stephen

WORTMAN, Roy (PHD, Ohio State 1971; prof.) American social and labor, North American Indian


Jean Demaree, Administrative Assistant, Department of History, Seitz House, 104 Wiggin Street, Gambier, OH 43022

740-427-5316; Fax 740-427-5762

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Edited: 9-18-05

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