Research Publications

Other Publications

  • Holdener, J. A., and Snipes, M. A., Mathematically surprising Seoul: Mathematics in Seoul Street Food.  Math. Intelligencer, Vol. 37, (2015) 88-92.
  • Farnell, E. R., and Snipes, M. A., Using the pottery wheel to explore topics in calculus.  PRIMUS, Vol. 25 (2015) 170-180.
  • Holdener, J. A., and Snipes, M. A., Sources of Flow as Sources of Symmetry: Divergence Patterns of Sinusoidal Vector Fields.  Conference Proceedings of the Bridges International Math and Art Conference (2014).
  • Cline, K., Zullo, H., Duncan, J., Stewart, A., Snipes, M. Creating Discussions with Classroom Voting in Linear Algebra. Int J Math Educ Sci Tech., Vol. 44 (2013), 1131--1142.
  • Lutgendorf, M. A., Snipes, M. A., Rau, T., Busch, J. M., Zelig, C. M., and Magann, E. F. Reports to the Navy's Family Advocacy Program: Impact of removal of mandatory reporting for domestic violence. Mil. Med., Vol. 177 (2012), 702--708.

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  • SIAM Central States Meeting, Colorado State University, 29 Sept. - 1 Oct. 2017.
  • Special Session on Analysis and Geometry in Nonsmooth Spaces, AMS Sectional Meeting, Northeastern University, Boston, 21-22 Apr. 2018.

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