Welcome to the Math 112 (Calculus II) course website!

This course provides an introduction to integral calculus. Please see the course syllabus (Section 1 or Section 2) for basic course information including grading policies, exam dates, and expectations.

In Math 112, students will:

  • Understand the concept of the integral of a function
  • Understand the relationship between derivatives and integrals (the fundamental theorem of calculus!)
  • Gain proficiency in finding formulas for integrals of functions
  • Know how to apply integration techniques to solve problems
  • Understand the difference between a sequence and a series
  • Know how to apply various tests to determine whether a given sequence converges
  • Be able to formulate differential equations to model some simple scenarios
  • Use slope fields and integration to solve (certain kinds of) differential equations
  • Use technology (specifically, the Maple software package) to solve problems and investigate concepts
  • Develop the ability to communicate mathematics through writing
  • Develop teamwork skills

In order to enroll in Math 112, students must have passed Math 111 (Calculus I) or the equivalent.