ndex of olutions

The following are two indices of solutions for the Riddles of the Exeter Book. Both were prepared for Craig Williamson's book of translations and therefore do not contain solutions proposed since 1982. In the numerical listing, the solution indicated is that favored by Williamson in 1982. Other "proposed solutions" are given in italics. In the alphabetical listing not all the proposed solutions discussed in Williamson's notes are included. Links to all his notes, both those to texts and translations, are in the process of being created, but it is slow work. A complete index of all the solutions proposed over the last century would be nice to have, but would be very cumbersom. However, soon we will have supplementary lists of solutions proposed by scholars since 1982 as soon as it is prepared. Corrections, additions, and suggestions are much appreciated. Send them to Klein@Kenyon.edu.

umerical ndex

1.   Wind 47.     Oven     Bookcase, Falcon Cage, Pen
2.   Uncertain   Bell, Millstone, Flail, Quill Pen 48.     Fire
3.   Shield 49.     Quill Pen and Fingers
4.   Sun    50.     Flail     Broom, Well Buckets, Yoke of Oxen
5.   Whistling Swan 51.     Battering Ram     Spear, Cross
6.   Nightingale   Chough, Jay, Jackdaw, Thrush, Wood Pigeon 52.     Churn
7.   Cuckoo    53.   Uncertain   Weapon Chest, Sword Rack, Cross
8.   Barnacle Goose 54.   Web and Loom
9.   Cup of Wine or Spirits   Gold, Night 55.    Swallows  Starlings, Swifts, Jackdaws, House Martins, Gnats, Bees, Raindrops, Musical notes
10.   Ox 56.   Well Sweep
11.   Ten Chickens   Ten Fingers 57.   Chalice
12.   Horn 58.    Uncertain    Rune Staff, Reed Pen, Cross, Kelp, Weed Shirt
13.   Fox   Badger, Hedgehog, Porcupine, Weasel 59.   Helmet   Shirt
14.   Anchor 60.   Borer, Gimlet    Brand, Poker, fire Rod, Flaming Arrow
15.   Uncertain   Weapon Chest, Ballista, Forge, Fortress, Ink Well 61.  Glass Beaker   
16.   Amphora 62.   Ship    Falconry, Writing
17.   Ship   Falconry, Writing 63.   Onion
18.   Sword   Sword-Swallow (Hawk), Phallus 64.   Creation, Nature
19.    Plow 65.   Bible, Book
20.    Charles Wain and the Circling Stars, The Month of December 66.   Iceberg
21.     Bow 67.   Lyre   Shepherd's Pipe, Shuttle (in conjunction with the following riddle)
22.     Magpie     Jay 68.    Lighthouse
23.     Onion 69.   Sword
24.     Bible, Book 70.   Ox
25.     Mead 71.   Spear, Lance
26.     Uncertain     Horn of Yew, Wine Cask, Lyre, Damascened Sword, John Barleycorn 72.   Uncertain  Ship's Figurehead, Water, Cuttlefish, Siren, Soul, Swan, Sea-Eagle, Quill Pen
27.     Moon and Sun 73.   Piss   Hound, Elk, Christ (each with a different reading of the runes)
28.     Tree, Wood 74.   Oyster
29.     Bagpipe 75.   Lamprey
30.     Ship 76.   Horn
31.     Iceberg      77.   Weathercock
32.     Rake 78.   Harrow
33.     Coat of Mail 79.   Gold   Ore, Money
34.     Ship 80.   Water   
35.     Bellows 81.   Fish and River
36.     Ox (Bull Calf) 82.   One-Eyed Seller of Garlin
37.     Uncertain     Speech, Dream, Death, Time,  Moon, Cloud, Day 83.   Bellows
38.     Creation, Nature 84.   Inkhorn
39.     Water     Earth, Nature 85.   Uncertain   Leather Bottle, Flask
40.     Cock and Hen 86.   Uncertain   Wooden Web and Loom, Lamb of God
41.     Soul and Body 87.   Key   Keyhole
42.     Key     Dagger Sheath 88   Beech/Book (AS. Bõc)
43.     Bread Dough 89.   Inkhorn
44.     Lot and His Family 90.   Nature, Creation
45.     Bookworm 91.   Uncertain   Book, Wandering Singer, Moon, Quill Pen, Dream, Riddle, Prostitute, Soul
46.     Chalice     Paten