Current Courses

I am teaching the following courses in Spring 2014:

Teaching Portfolio

My teaching portfolio consists of the following categories: philosophy, experience, and training.


I believe that students learn mathematics most effectively when they become actively involved in the subject. I encourage this involvement by soliciting frequent feedback, using group work, and emphasizing the relevance of material to students. My teaching statement contains more information about my teaching philosophy and methods, as well as brief summaries of some potential undergraduate research projects related to my own work.


Undergraduate Mathematics Courses:

  • Kenyon College
    • Math 106 (Elements of Statistics): Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2013
    • Math 110Y/111Y (Calculus with Elementary Functions): Fall 2009/Spring 2010
    • Math 112 (Calculus II): Spring 2010, Spring 2012
    • Math 224 (Linear Algebra): Fall 2009, Fall 2010
    • Math 231 (Problem Solving Seminar): Fall 2012, Fall 2013
    • Math 341 (Real Analysis I): Fall 2010, Fall 2012
    • Math 352 (Complex Variables): Spring 2010, Spring 2012
    • Math 441 (Real Analysis II): Spring 2011
    • Math 460 (Topology): Spring 2012
  • University of Michigan
    • Math 115 (Differential Calculus): Fall 2005, Fall 2006
    • Math 116 (Integral Calculus): Fall 2008

Michigan Math and Science Scholars Program (MMSSP):

Expository Seminars

  • UM Undergraduate Math Club Talk: Kakeya's Problem
  • The Poincaré Homology Sphere via Dehn Surgery on the Trefoil Knot
  • Hausdorff Measure of Unit Balls in Finite Dimensional Banach Spaces
  • Bourgain's Theorem: Embedding Finite Metric Spaces in Euclidean Space
  • Flat Chains in Banach Spaces (after T. Adams)

Lectures in Graduate Courses and Summer Schools

  • Introduction to Analysis in Metric Spaces, with C. Camfield (CGAD Summer School, 2012)
  • Introduction to Geometric Measure Theory, with A. Meadows (CGAD Summer School, 2012)
  • Tutorial on Multilinear Algebra and Differential Forms, with J. Taylor (CGAD Summer School, 2012)
  • The Poincaré Homology Sphere - Classical Construction
  • The Beltrami Equation and the Measurable Riemann Mapping Theorem
  • Lebesgue vs. Hausdorff Measure in Euclidean Space
  • Sharp Things a la Whitney (Chains, Cochains, and Forms)


MAA Minicourse (Winter 2012): Minicourse by Colin Adams and Robert Franzosa on teaching an applied topology course.

Project NExT (2009-2010): Workshops focusing on innovative methods in teaching, including seminars on teaching linear algebra with clickers, teaching statistics, and involving undergraduates in research.

Gender and Authority in the College Classroom (Winter 2008): a half-day seminar organized by the UM Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT).

Teaching for Inclusion (Winter 2008): a half-day seminar organized by the UM CRLT.

UM Mathematics Teaching Orientation (Fall 2005): a week-long orientation to teaching college mathematics including lesson-planning, effective use of technology in the classroom, and videotaped practice lectures.