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Mbira: Constraint and Mobility in Shona Society

Introduction | Introductory History | Mbira Music | The Bira and the N'anga | Learning the Mbira | Constraint and Mobility | Conclusion | End Notes | Bibliography

Mbira Music Samples

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Paul Berliner, Zimbabwe: The Soul of Mbira, Nonesuch, 1978.
Performed by MhuriyekwaRwizi Ensemble (Hakurotwi Mude: voice and mbira; Cosmas Magaya, mbira; Ephraim Mutemasango, hosho) Recorded in Highfields, Harare.
Performed by MhuriyekwaRwizi Ensemble (Justin Magaya, Luken Pasipamire, mbira; Hakurotwi Mude, voice; Webster Pasipamire, hosho) Recorded at a bira in Kwaramba Village, Mondoro.
Simon Mashoko, mbira (35-key nhari) & voice. Recorded at Glen Cove, Masvingo.
Mubayiwa Bandambira, mbira (23-key mbira dzavadzimu) Recorded at Musondza Village, Mondoro.

Forward Kwenda, Svikiro -- Meditations From an Mbira Master, Shanachie, 1997.
"Baboons' voices" or "freedom following victorious struggle." Played by Forward Kwenda and Erica Azim.
Played solo on a 28-key gandanga tuning mbira by Forward Kwenda.
Chipembere Nhimutimo
"Rhinoceros' dust cloud." Played solo on a 28-key gandanga tuning mbira by Forward Kwenda.

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