Living Together
Project Syllabus

Project Participants
African-American: Maggie Ahearn, Anne Smetak
Amish: Claire Beckett, Molly Birkhead, Tricia Owen
Hispanic: Darlene Feldman, Abby Kennedy
Irish: Jen DiLisi, Alice McCunn
Jewish: Michelle Demjen, Christina LeStage
Native American: Jessica Carney, Seth Swihart
Sexual Orientation: Kate Hitchcock, Suzanne Nienaber
Women & Poverty: Ondine Geary, Jenny Owens

Project Tasks
Project director: Howard Sacks
Mount Vernon News liaison: Jenny Owens
Kenyon Collegian liaison: Ondine Geary
Editor: Abby Kennedy
Photography: Claire Beckett, Molly Birkhead
Archivist: Maggie Ahearn

Thu., Oct. 29 Discuss field research
Thu., Nov. 5 Discuss field research
Tue., Nov. 10 Discuss writing for newspapers
Guest Dan Laskin, Publications Director, Kenyon College
Thu., Nov. 12 Discuss field research
Tue., Nov. 17 Discuss essay preparation
Thu., Nov. 19 Discuss project and essay preparation
Guests, faculty and students from Bailey Scholars Program,
Michigan State University

Nov. 21-29 Thanksgiving Vacation

Tue., Dec. 1 Essay review
Thu., Dec. 3 Essay review
Tue., Dec. 8 Essay review
Thu., Dec. 10 Essay and course review

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