GLBT Symbols

The Rainbow Flag -- Known nationally as the symbols of gay and lesbian pride. The variety of colors represents the diversity of the lesbian and gay community, drawing from all backgrounds, races, and national origins.

Labrys -- The double-headed axe was originally worn by Amazons and is associated with the Goddess Adriadne who represents the protection of the womb and female consciousness. Today it is used as a symbol representing lesbianism.

Lambda -- Chosen by the Gay Activists Alliance in 1970, it has become a symbol for the gay rights movement.

The Pink Triangle -- (sometimes seen as a Black Triangle) Originally used for the marking of gay men during the Third Reich. After the war, those that were marked with the Pink Triangle were not freed. They were considered criminals and were displaced to prisons. Today the Pink Triangle is a symbol of gay pride and signifies, "Never Forget and "Never Again."

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