What is so great about a soybean?

Lewington 1990, Plants for People

More fields are planted with soybeans in Ohio than any other crop and only corn brings in more revenue each year. Soybeans are a legume crop, in fact, it is the most important legume crop in the world. Soybean plants are important to the farm ecosystem, but soybeans are useful in many other ways. Look!

Oil: Margarine and other products are made from the oil of soya plant seeds.

Textured soya protein: Through a detailed process, the proteins from soybeans are collected and these can be flavored to make anything from dog food to hamburgers

Milk, cheese, and curd: Similar to that from cows!

Tofu: This product made from soybean milk is an important part of the diet in many asian countries. Tofu can be cooked like chicken or put on a salad like cheese!

Sauces: Soy sauce is made from soybeans.

Livestock food: Soybeans feed cattle and other livestock so indirectly, they all feed you!

Soy ink: Look closely at your newspaper the next time you read it, it may say that it is printed with ink made from soybeans!

Glue: Soybeans may be the base of wood glues, often called "adhesives".

Plastics: People are now experimenting with using soybeans to make plastic silverware!

Furniture and buildings: Soy flour and recycled newspapers are new ingredients in construction.

Pretty impressive for a little bean wouldn't you say? So...next time you
drive near a field of soybeans remember all the things it will bring you!

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