Find the area of your silo!

Print out one copy of this sheet, and then follow the directions to calculate the area of your silo.

To find the area of your silo you first need to know the radius which is included in the table on the previous page. Now square that number or, in other words, multiply the radius by itself. For example, if your radius is ten, then multiply ten by ten to get 100. What is the radius of your silo? Square that number and then put your answer in the box labeled "radius X radius." Put the value of the height of the silo in the correct box . Then fill in the number for the box labeled "Pi." If you forget what this number is just go back to the previous page!. Finally, multiply the numbers in all three boxes to find the total area of you silo.

radius x radiusXheightXPi=area

Great work!!

Now, lets find out how much corn silage your silo holds. One square foot of corn silage weighs fourty-five pounds! You already know how many square feet your silo has, now calculate the total weight of the silage that is being stored in your silo.

(in square feet)
weight of corn silage
(per square foot)
total weight
of silage in silo

Total weight= area of silo X weight of silage per square foot

How much does your silo hold?

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