Farm Income

Print out a copy of this spreadsheet and fill in the appropriate columns. For the first column, come up with things you think a farmer might sell to gain income. Next, fill out the the quantity of that item that you think your farm is able to produce. In the third column, try to find the price for that item. Finally, in the fourth column, calculate the total income the farmer would gain by selling the item you listed. This may take some investigating on your part! You'll need to find the current prices for the items that you listed. Get a copy of today's paper and see if you can find up to date prices of some of the items you listed. You can also look on the Web! If you can't find all of the prices you need, estimate what you think might be the price for the item.

Name of Item for SaleQuantity of ItemsPrice per ItemTotal Income per Item
1. i.e. seed corn1. 10 bushels1. ~~1. ~~

What is the total number of items you sold?

What is the total income you earned from selling these farm products? Total income= quantity X price

Great Work!

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