Llama Land

Llama 1Llamas in Ohio? Sure!! Some family farms are raising llamas as another source of wool. The softer wool from a llama is used for socks or sweaters and the coarser wool is used for rugs, horse blankets, or lead ropes. Sheep aren't the only animal from which we get wool. On some farms, llamas are used as a sheep or goat herder. If the llamas begin living with a sheep or goat flock at a young age they become very protective of the flock and will chase away predators such as coyotes. Some people ride llamas like they ride horses.

The other important way that llamas help the family farm is by providing manure that can be used as a fertilizer for the fields. The manure of almost every farm animal can be useful to the farmer in this way. By using animals' manure, a farmer won't need to purchase commercial fertilizers and can save money. Manure is rich in nutrients because animal feed is often made from crops, especially forage crops such as alfalfa hay. When the manure is spread over the fields it enriches the soil and makes it more fertile for the next year's crops. The cycling of wastes is practiced on many family farms in Ohio, but the manure does not always come from the same animals! llama 2

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