Your Farm Layout

Print three copies of this page, complete the activities, and then go back to the previous page.

With the layout, plan your rotation for the next three years. Indicate which acres you will leave fallow with the letter F, which you will allocate as pasture (P), and which ones you will use to plant crops (C). Plan to use corn, soybeans, and wheat somewhere in your rotation. Also read through the list of crops grown in Ohio to choose which ones you will grow. See the tremendous variety of crops? No wonder there are so many different kinds of family farms!

Layout of Farmstead and Land

Using the rotation you designed, complete the pie chart titled "Uses of Farmland" below to show what proportion of land you use for each purpose. For example, if you decide to use 275 acres for corn, the pie chart will show that you use 50% of your land for growing corn. Do this for each of the three years in your rotation.

Distribution of Land (in acres)
Pie graph of land use