In The Barn

In Knox County, Ohio there are five main livestock animals. Farmers raise cattle and calves for beef, cows for dairy products, hogs and pigs for meat, and sheep and lamb for meat and wool.

Use the information in the table to answer the following questions.


LivestockNumberRank of Knox County
in Ohio
All Cattle & Calves22,00026
Milk Cows6,00013
All Hogs & Pigs32,00019
All Sheep & Lambs6,2002
1995 Ohio Department of Agriculture Annual Report

There are over 30,000 cows in Knox County that are raised either for beef or for dairy products! In the whole state of Ohio there are 1,540,000 cattle and calves used for beef and 285,000 milk cows! There are many varieties of cows. What do we do with all these cows?? Well, think about what you have had to eat over the last day. There were probably several things you ate that came from a cow. What about that hamburger you had for dinner or the milk on your breakfast cereal! Family farmers care for and raise many of the animals that produce your food every day.

Would you like to raise chickens?

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