The Rickards

Bruce, Lisa, Hanna and Jess
Photo by Annick Shen
The Rickards are very unusual farmers because Bruce and Lisa were once business people at AT&T and they gave that up to start farming. The Rickards had to teach themselves how to farm. They did this through reading and lots of trial and error. They have been raising sheep for nine years now. They started out with just nine ewes and now they have 330 plus some cows! The Rickards are low-impact farmers so they always try to leave their farm in better conditon then when they bought it. Farming is the only income in the Rickard family. This means they have had to simplify their lives and do without some things, but they think it is worth it. The family is together all the time because the children Hanna and Jess are home-schooled and their farm is their classroom.

"Farms fit well. You're self -employed and it is a place for the kids to grow up that's different from the suburbs or the city. It offered us some freedom of movement so we could make our day to day decisons, but it also offered a place for the kids to grow up and go to school."
Bruce Rickard

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