The Orsborns

The Orsborn family
Ron & Tammy Orsborn with their two children,
Jennifer and Ben
Photo by Brian Bartlett
The Orsborn family lives on a 100 acre dairy farm in Mt. Vernon, OH. The Orsborn family's farming history began when Ron's parents, Byron and Carolyn Orsborn, bought the farm over 40 years ago. Byron and Carolyn operated the dairy farm alone until 1978 when Ron formed a partnership with them. Since that time, Ron has conducted the farm's main milking operations with the aid of his wife, a school teacher, and their children. Currently, they milk a herd of 35-40 dairy cows twice a day. For the Orsborns, dairy farming is a highly rewarding experience in many ways. In particular, they have enjoyed the opportunity for the family to work together as a team towards a common goal.

"The farm is a wonderful place to raise a family. The values that the kids learn on the farm and from working together as a family is a valuable experience. "

Tammy Orsborn

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