The Grassbaughs

Photo: The Grassbaughs Dale and Kathleen Grassbaugh and their family live in central Knox County, where they farm nearly 1,000 acres, raising corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and wheat. The Grassbaughs have farmed in their present location for the past thirty-five years. The family also runs a modern dairy operation, milking 140 head of Holstein cows, from which they generate an average of 8,000 gallons of milk per day. Dale and Kathleen have five children, two sons and three daughters, all of whom contribute to the farm's operation. Their sons, Dwayne and Doug, live and work on the farm. The Grassbaugh's oldest daughter, Anne, currently attends the Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster; their younger daughters, Cindy and Mary, are both in school as well.
The Grassbaugh Family
Courtesy of The Family Farm Project

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