The Spirituality in Farming

Nearly all farmers feel a connection to their land that goes beyond their scientific knowledge. This connection is an important part of what draws many of them to a life of farming. Here is what some farmers have to say about it:

mic "I think that if you've worked on a piece of land where that piece of land has cared for you over the generations, you get an emotional attachment that's hard to describe exactly. It's like it's a part of you, it's like your a part of it. Your history is there, your anscestors walked the same ground."

Oscar Will, College Township

"I like it because you're always out in the open air and it's peaceful."

Kevin Staats, Jefferson Township

"We're addicted to farming! Once it gets in your blood, you like to do it!"

Rex Spray, Morgan Township
Photo from National Geographic

straw Have you ever felt this way about a particular place? If yes, what
made this place so important?
straw Do you think that it is important for a farmer to feel a spiritual connection to his or her
land? Why or why not?
straw What do you think leads a farmer to feel this way about his or her land?
straw Do you think that without a spiritual connection a farmer is less likely to care for his or her land properly?
straw How do you think that the beauty of a farm contributes to a farmers spiritual connection to it?

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