Humans in the Farm Ecosystem

Renate Miller feeding cows
Renate Miller of Fredericktown feeding her cows.
The farmer is the most important part of the farm ecosystem because of the way she or he chooses to manage the animals, plants, water and soil on the farm. Farmers make different choices about how they spend ther time, energy and money in the farm ecosystem.
Compare how organic farmers and no-till farmers manage weeds in the farm ecosystem
Which of the following parts of the farm ecosystem do you think farmers spend the most time managing? the least?
  • the woodlot
  • an organic vegetable garden
  • the dairy barn
  • the sheep pasture
  • a no-till corn field
  • chicken coop
  • Alva Hall on his tractor
    Photos by Rachel Balkom
    Humans are important to the farm ecosystem, too, because we eat food produced by the plants and animals on the farm.
    How have you been a part of a farm ecosystem today?
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