Erosion Project

photo of erosion
Erosion carries away soil from
unprotected fields.
Image from Cunningham and
Saigo, Environmental Science:
A Global Concept, 1997
  1. Fill two boxes about 3/4 of an inch full with soil.
  2. Set them on a table propping up one side so that there is an angle that makes a slope.
  3. Cut out a spout at the lower end of each box and place a jar below each spout.
  4. Now, using your finger make furrows across the soil in one box and up and down in the other.
  5. Then fill two watering cans or cups with water and sprinkle the water over each box at the same time and rate.
strawWhat do you see happening?

strawDo you see a difference in the content of each jar?

strawWhat does this project tell you about how contour farming works to help prevent soil erosion?

Eco Info
Many of the worlds most impressive landscapes have been sculpted by erosion, like the Grand Canyon.

Project and diagram courtesy of the Ohio State University Agricultural Extension Office Nature

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