Changes in Agricultural Technology

Agricultural technology changed gradually throughout the 1800's. It was not until the mid-1900's, during the mechanical and chemical revolution, when dramatic changes occured in agricultural technology. You can see how changes in technology greatly affected the way farmers farmed! Meet three farmers and learn about the different ways each farmed because of changes in agricultural technology!

One of the first white settlers of Knox County

Technology Tidbit!: The steel plow, which was easier to use and lasted longer than the wooden plow, was not used in Knox County until a blacksmith in Gambier, Ohio began to manufacture them in the 1850's.

1830 The reaper, which made harvesting easier, was invented
1836 Cooper Industries in Mount Vernon, Ohio developed a steam engine for the reaper
1855 Two and four row planters were developed to plant more crops in a lesser amount of time
1875 Cooper Industries produces the first steam traction engine, later called a tractor

What did these changes do to the way farmers farmed?

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