Native American Farming Activities

Some Grand River Blues

Look. The land ends up
in stubble every
October. The sky
today may feel as

empty. But just be
like the river--bend
and reflect it. Those
blues already show

through the skin inside
your elbow--and flow
back to the heart. Why
let a few
Canada geese up
set you? Just remind

yourself how the land
also renews. Don't

despair just because
they're already too
high to hear. Your heart
started beating with

the wings the moment
you got sight of them
--but that's no reason
to fear it will still

when they disappear
Look away now. Let
loose. See? The river
bending like a bruise.

David Daniel Moses

What is the relationship between the poet and nature? How does the poet understand nature?
Go outside and look for objects which are not man made, like rocks, and see what could be used as tools for farming. How would they be used?
Visit your library and try to find more Native American poetry. Do different groups of Native Americans have different views of nature? If so, why? Compare old Native American poetry with recent Native American poetry. Are they different? If so, why?
Take me back in time!