Harvey DeVoe: How to Learn About People From the Past

After reading the diary of Harvey DeVoe, we wanted to know more about his life. Is anyone living in Knox County now related to Harvey DeVoe?

What did we do first?

First we wrote down all the names of places, people, and events that Harvey DeVoe mentioned in his diary. The owner of the diary sent us a copy of Harvey DeVoe's land deed. A land deed is a piece of paper which tells when a person buys land, where the land is located, and the size of the land. We also looked in the phonebook under "DeVoe" to see if there were any of his ancestors listed. Unfortunatley we could not find any.

Where did we go?

We went to Fredericktown Historical Society to see if they could help us learn more about Harvey DeVoe. An important part of this visit was talking to the volunteers at the Historical Society.

Court House

Where did we go to find information about Harvey DeVoe and his family?

Our next trip was to the Knox County Courthouse and Mercy Hospital in Mt. Vernon, OH. We wanted to find Harvey DeVoe's birth and death certificates as well as his marriage licenses. We also looked for the birth, death and marriage certificates of his children.

Where is Harvey DeVoe's grave?

At the Knox County Historical Society we found that Harvey DeVoe was buried in Forest Cemetery. We went to the cemetary and found DeVoe's gravestone.


Although we learned a lot about Harvey DeVoe and his family, we were unable to find any living relatives of Harvey DeVoe.

Now it is your turn to find a farmer from the past!

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