What do television and farming have in common?

Precision farming is one new technological development in agriculture. This new farming technique uses satellite signals to pinpoint the farmer's location in a field. It is similar to the way some television stations use satellite signals to send television waves. Television satellite dishes receive a signal from a satellite in space and transform it into the television show you watch. Farmers use an antenna to receive a signal from a satellite in space. The antenna is connected to a computer on the farmer's combine. The computer uses satellite signal to tell the farmer exactly where the combine is in the field. Precision farming allows the farmer to farm more efficiently and precisely.

Satellite Farming

Wheat straw Read the following story about a father and son who are experimenting with precision farming. Click on the "Go" button below to begin. When you come to the end of the story click on the "Go" button to go onto to the questions that follow. Answer the questions by referring back to the story.


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