Satellite Technology and The Piar Farm


Please answer the following questions by referring back to Satellite Technology and the Piar Farm:
1. What new technology was discussed in the story?

2. What style of farm uses precision farming?
a) dairy farm
b) sheep farm
c) grain farm

3. How many acres do Bill and Ron Piar farm in Knox County?

4. List 3 reasons why Bill Piar uses precision farming.

5. List 3 reasons a Knox County farmer would not adopt precision farming.

6. What are 3 factors that cause different sections of the same field to have different yields?

7. The purpose of the story was:
a) to explain why precision farming is better that traditional farming practices.
b) to show how Bill and Ron Piar can farm more precisely than most other farmers in the region.
c) to explain why the Ohio State Agricultural Extension Office is helping the Piars' use GPS.

8. Who would be most interested in hearing this story?
a) an older traditional farmer
b) a new young farmer
c) an agricultural extension agent
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