Community Plans

Every community has some plans for the future. In most communities this plan is what people want their community to look like in the future. Some townships want to remain agricultural or rural. Other cities want more businesses and people to move to their community.

Each township or city will do certain things to accomplish these future goals. One way to reach these goals is to create a land development plan. This plan will talk about how the community will use its land. One way to use this plan is by setting zoning laws. Remember, zoning laws state how land can be used. Rural zoning laws state how land outside the city limits can be used. Not all townships in Knox County have rural zoning laws though.

As land development is becoming a larger threat to farmers than ever, communities are thinking about the future. It is up to each community to plan what it will do for the future.
House Under Construction
House under construction
Photo by Mona Abdallah
Arial View of Knox County Farm
Aerial view of a Knox County Farm
Photo by Gregory Spaid
"Ohio is a unique state, it has a very large, very strong agriculture industry. It's an industrial state as well. And that's probably one of our strengths, that we are strong in both of those areas. But that gets to be a problem sometimes when both are trying to progress. And so you get development taking place. And my position is that development should occur. And no one's against development. But it ought to be done with some consideration given to the largest industry in the state: food and agriculture."

Dr. Bobby Moser, Columbus

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