Beyond the Beef

It is true, everything is used but the moo! The blood drained from the carcasses is wonderful fertilizer. It is very rich in protein, phosphorous, and other minerals. By adding the blood to the fields only 450 pounds, as opposed to 1,000 pounds, of chemical fertilizer are required to grow an acre of corn. The bones, fat, offal, and hides are bought by rendering plants. These companies will crush and grind the bone into bone meal which goes into animal feed. The fat and grease are made into bleachable tallow for cosmetics and soap or into oils for feed. Hooves are used for glue and dog chews.

Purina Dog ChowCosmeticsTide detergent

Look around your classroom or home. Write down all of the things you see that come from the cow.

For more details on the beef by-product industry visit the Beefacts: By-products web site.

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