Farm School's Creators

Meet the students at Kenyon College who created Farm School!

Rebecca Anderson My name is Rebecca Anderson and I am a sophomore sociology major from Chicago, Illinois. I have learned that family farming is not just a job but a way of life. I used to always think of agriculture as growing crops and raising livestock, but now I think of families and community.
Gretchen Baker Hi! My name is Gretchen Baker. I am a senior majoring in ethnobotany (a combination of biology, anthropology, and economics). I am from small town in Illinois that's similar to Mt. Vernon in that many people are involved with farming. But there are also many people who do not know anything about farming! I like studying family farms because they are little models of the whole world where people specialize in different activities, produce and consume, waste and recycle, and relate to the larger community. I hope you'll also see how intricate, unique, and important family farming is to the world in which we all live.
Hi! My name is Margana Dane and I am a drama major, sociology minor, with a legal studies concentration. I was born and raised in Euclid, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. Being a part of the Family Farm Project has brought me much closer to the food that I eat, the land on which it grows, and the dedicated, hard-working people who live the farming life.
Rita Kahng Hi. My name is Rita Kahng, and I am a senior biology/psychology major from Dallas, Texas, originally from Nashville, TN. I am excited to take part in building an educational website on farming because I feel that we all have something to learn from every aspect of farming, not only as a profession but as a way of life. Through this experience, I have come to view agriculture not simply as a source of food but as an attitude--a place to understand our roles in nature and in our families and communities.


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